About Progressive

About Progressive Landscapes

Progressive Landscapes is a passionate, Nanaimo-based landscaping and hardscaping company started by Bill and Louise Gilfoy.

Born from Passion

Progressive Landscapes was born in 2013 by Bill and Louise Gilfoy in Nanaimo, BC (you can learn more about them below). Bill does most of the heavy lifting at Progressive, from salesman to labourer (and everything in-between), and is usually the one you’ll see on site, pondering the details and sweating the small stuff (and big stuff). Louise takes care of the finances, and you’ll occasionally see her on site as a helper).

We have a true appreciation for the environment and nature, which are values we hope to reflect in Progressive Landscapes. As one way to give back, we give a monthly donation to The Dogwood Initiative and the Ancient Forest Alliance, as well as an annual lump sum to offset our vehicle emissions to Offsetters.

Big or Small

How we build is as important to us as what we build, so we’ll source out local suppliers whenever possible and consider our impact on the landscape before we break ground. Even though we’re a small(er) company, we’re great at large jobs, small jobs, and everything in-between. When we need to, we’ll partner with other local specialists to get the job done right.

Progressive has been built on a foundation of high standards, high quality, and strong work ethic. We’re proud of the positive reputation we’ve quickly built in Nanaimo and the surrounding communities.

Rooted in Nanaimo

Admittedly, Bill was a bit of a vagabond when he was younger, but today, both Bill and Progressive have firm roots in the Harbour City. In March 2014, Bill and Louise welcomed Matteo, their first son, to the Progressive Landscapes family.

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Bill Gilfoy

Bill Gilfoy Owner

Landscaper and owner of Progressive Landscapes, Bill Gilfoy developed his passion while living in his Nova Scotia, his home province. Determined to be a positive influence on our environment, Bill’s education began with Environmental Horticulture at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College.

After college, Bill successfully ran a landscaping maintenance company in Truro, Nova Scotia for over three years. Ultimately, the draw of the West Coast’s beautiful scenery, climate, and lifestyle lured Bill to build a home, a family, and a company on Vancouver Island.

Relocating to Nanaimo provided Bill with the experience to build an even more successful landscaping company, and in 2013 Progressive Landscapes was born.

Louise Gilfoy

Louise Gilfoy Owner

Louise graduated from the University of Victoria in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She works full-time in the Emergency Department at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, and occasionally moonlights as a photographer and landscaper.

Victoria provided the meeting place for Louise and Bill, ultimately bringing them together in 2008 (while Bill was on a cross-BC bicycling adventure). She quickly won him over, and Bill soon packed his bags and moved to Victoria before they both settled in Nanaimo.

Matteo Gilfoy

Matteo Gilfoy Leg Kicker

Matteo is the newest member of the Progressive Landscapes family. He’s still learning the ropes and requires frequent naps and feeds, but he was only born in March 2014, so we’re going easy on him.

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