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Website, Hooray!

01 July 2014

By Bill


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Website, Hooray!

We are excited to announce the launch of our updated website and brand newsletter! Check out our first post about our company growth and focus.

Website, Hooray!

Installations Everywhere!

The 2014 season for Progressive has been a busy one! We’re in our second year and have had the opportunity to install a number of landscapes and build quite a few fences. This is a change from 2013 where the business was more maintenance focused. By the end of the 2013 season, we had leaned our focus more towards landscape installation and maintenance and that this time, we do very little maintenance.

During the winter of 2013/14, business slowed down, as it often does in the landscaping industry. We spent a lot of time about what worked and what didn’t in the 2013 season, what our future goals were, and how we planned on reaching those goals, including how to market our business.

W, W, W

One of the main ways we market our business is through the internet – specifically our website. Louise had spent many, many hours on YouTube trying to figure out how to piece together a website, which she managed to do with the help of our friend, Jawn of Hub City Cycles. If you had visited our website, even in the last few weeks, it would have been the one that Louise and Jawn built.

This is where Richard and Story come into the picture. We decided to give the website an overhaul.

We had seen a couple of websites built by Richard the Brave and were impressed. We approached them and after a couple of meetings, they were well underway with our website construction. We told them we wanted something “simple”, but the result has knocked our socks off.

We are so excited about how beautiful the new website is, the flow of it, how easy it is to navigate, and how it totally kicks ass. Richard and Story are pros. We cannot recommend them to people enough.

Bill Gilfoy

About the Author Bill Gilfoy

Bill has been building for years. Learn more about him and Progressive Landscapes on the About page.

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