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Before & Afters and Some R&R

30 August 2014

By Bill

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Before & Afters and Some R&R

Busy season at Progressive Landscapes and then some R&R in Nova Scotia.

Before & Afters and Some R&R

Lonely Nova Scotian House

The spring and summer of this year has been quite busy for Progressive Landscapes. We’ve had a variety of projects completed, some underway, and have been booking into the fall.

Here are a few before and after photos of a couple of recently completed jobs:

Louise, Matteo and I just got back from visiting my family in Nova Scotia for two weeks. Matteo was a surprisingly good traveler, even at six months old! It had been four years since we were last out. It was wonderful seeing my family and introducing everyone to Matteo.

Below are some photos from our trip:

Louise at the Public Gardens in Halifax.

We drove around some of the small fishing communities. It was quite sad as these villages and towns are dwindling and the houses are so lonely looking.

Louise took this photo (which is actually 30 photos blended into one) of the night sky at my parents’ house:

Bill Gilfoy

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