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Cedar Fence

26 September 2014

By Bill



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Cedar Fence

My custom, cedar fences are more sturdy and have a longer longevity than fences built with factory cedar fence panels.

Cedar Fence

I have had quite a long run of doing stonework, so building this fence was a nice change.

The prices I charge for a custom cedar fence are generally not more expensive than a factory panel, lattice fence and my cedar fences have a longer longevity and are more sturdy. The wood I use is from a local, Nanaimo mill, which has a number of employees.

It just makes sense to have a custom cedar fence built versus a panel fence.

With the rainfall, right now and into the fall is a great time to book a fence installation as the ground is not as dry and hard as it is in the summertime.

Bill Gilfoy

About the Author Bill Gilfoy

Bill has been building for years. Learn more about him and Progressive Landscapes on the About page.

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