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Add permanence and a sense of order to your landscape with patios, walkways, and walls.

Walk This Way

Walkways are functional, and create order. They link areas together, and harmonize different elements of the landscape. The right walkway can also add beauty to an area by introducing striking colours, textures, and patterns.

We specialize in building interlocking paver pathways (often referred to as cobblestones), which are available in a wide range of shapes, colours, and sizes. We can also create a more natural look using bark mulch, hog-fuel, or a variety of different gravels.

Come Together

Patios are the social butterfly of the group: they bring people together to a common place. The right patio in the right location can be a wonderful thing. You can build a patio directly off your front step to welcome visitors, build an outdoor kitchen as a place to socialize, or tuck a small patio in the back corner of your garden so you can get away from it all.

We’ll help you achieve your dream patio using paving stones or larger concrete slabs, as well as fractured gravel.

Another Brick in the Wall

In addition to organizing your yard with pathways and patios, retaining walls are a great way to reshape your landscape.

Areas that were previously unusable can be revitalized by building a retaining wall: an unusable slope can suddenly become a place for the kids to play, and that spot that’s “too tricky to mow” can transform into a raised garden bed.

It’s just concrete, but they’re more than bricks!

Tired of the bad music puns?

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Why Progressive?

Here are two great reasons to choose Progressive for your next walkway, patio, or wall project



Building a pathway or patio that lasts the test of time requires both tools and experience. And since rainfall is a fact of life on Vancouver Island, a proper base will keep you from sinking or flooding when the wetter months arrive.



The pattern and placement of interlocking pathway or patio stones (pavers) can have a drastic impact on the landscape. By carefully selecting patterns, styles, and colours, we can create exactly the right mood for you.

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